Side Show


        Side Show tells the extraordinary true story of two sisters, Daisy and Violet Hilton, who were born conjoined twins in the early 20th century. Sisters joined for life as they journey from the streets to stardom and then in freak shows across three countries, they eventually headlined on vaudeville stages where their talents and charm garnered them fame and fortune. The Hilton sisters’ desire for love and normalcy - to be like everyone else – was profound, but proved elusive. As musical theatre, Side Show tears down the wall voyeurism that separates us from them and allows us to see how very much alike we all are.


         This musical theater dream team have re-entered Side Show with the desire to explore the public and private spaces of so called “freaks”, the power of conjoined twins in the world and in our minds, and how two people who are attached to each other for life can become separate individuals and pursue their own dreams and desires.


          Featuring music by Henry Krieger and book and lyrics by Bill Russell, the original production of Side Show went on to earn four Tony Award nominations including Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Original Score. Directed by Academy Award winner Bill Condon (Chicago, Dream girls, the final two Twilight films), this exciting new staging of Side Show joins a long roster of celebrated Kennedy Center musical revivals that include Ragtime(2009) and Follies (2011).



Seamstress/tailoring technician - Tea Ninkovic


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.